Hi  guys ,
Today I am going to share with you how to make Book shelf for the kid’s room.
We need the following:

Wooden boards x 2 / 1,20 x 2,40
1 Box of wood screws
White plugs screw heads
Metal brackets for the shelves
Banding strip

I am highly recommending you get the boards cut in the shop if possible on a width of 0,20 sm. When it comes to the positioning of the shelves use your imagination and position in the way you feel comfortable.

Again I would recommend you take the measurement of the wall and draw a draft of how the book shelves should look like when complete. I have always done it this way and I am quite happy with this practice and outcome.

When you buying a flat pack furniture you will find out in the instructions that you are to put together few different parts. In our case this will be done in a different way. We will start the assembly from left to right in as you will be positioning the shelves in chess type configuration. Please see the picture below.

propertyhandyman           propertyhandyman


On the two sides of the boards you will be drilling in for the holes in which you stick the metal holders where you lay down the shelves. When you finish with the first roll you need to add the second long board and start again.

You can use the screws for fortification of the whole assembly. Use the white plugs so you can cover the screw heads. Next step is to use the banding and cover the cut side of the board. You can use an iron for the banding.

It is not that difficult and you can have book shelve for the kid’s room in couple of hours. Again use your imagination for positioning of the shelves.

In my next post I will show you how to make a study desktop with hidden light underneath of it.

Good luck.